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Walk In Clinic - CALL TODAY:
1628 Palm Avenue San Diego, CA 92154
Hours: Monday - Friday (9am – 8pm)
Hours: Saturday - Sunday (10am – 6pm)

Please take a moment below to browse our FAQ topics designed to help you find the answers you need fast!

What is South Bay Urgent Care and How Does it Work?

South Bay Urgent Care Center is designed to treat those who need attention quickly, but don’t require an emergency room visit. South Bay  Urgent Care  does not require appointments and is  open longer hours than a primary care physician’s office. South Bay Urgent Care is a convenient healthcare solution – Our clinic is open 7 days of the week, 12 hours a day, including evenings and weekends, allowing you to visit us at the time that works best with your work or school schedule. If your condition isn’t life-threatening, but needs to be taken care of right away, then we may be the right choice for you


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What Can South Bay Urgent Care Center Treat?

At South Bay Urgent Care we bridge the gap between the primary care physician and the ER, providing extended hours, 7 days a week.  Our physicians and staff combine in-house diagnostic services, such as EKG,  digital X-rays, pulse oximetry and laboratory testing of blood, urine, and stool with state-of-the-art treatment modalities.  These include splints, suturing techniques, wound adhesives, intravenous medications and fluids, and inhalation therapy with oxygen and aerosolized medications,  previously available only in the ER.      

Does South Bay Urgent Care Provide the Same Treatments as Emergency Rooms?


When you have a non-life-threatening ailment, there’s no need to spend hours in the emergency room.   We are more than just a walk-in clinic. South Bay Urgent Care has raised the standard of immediate care by providing similar comprehensive services that you would receive from a primary care doctor or at a hospital, at affordable prices, and in a comfortable, personal atmosphere. That’s why we’ve cultivated a staff of emergency department-trained medical professionals who are capable of treating a wide range of conditions, such as fevers, respiratory infections, vomiting/diarrhea; injuries including  lacerations, sprains and fractures, and other non-life-threatening/non-limb threatening injuries and illnesses. We offer many on-site diagnostic testing, similar to the ER, including labs, digital x-ray, EKG.  Generally, we can treat everyday non life-threatening injuries and illnesses, just like an Emergency Room. 

How Does South Bay Urgent Care Compare with Emergency Rooms on Cost?

In most situations, you'll find that you save time and money by going to urgent care instead of an emergency room.  Here at South Bay Urgent Care we accept most insurance plans.  For those without insurance, or for those with high deductibles, the cost of an urgent care visit is a small fraction as compared to an ER visit. Please check with your insurer to compare your co-pays for urgent care and emergency room care.  Recently, the major insurers have reduced the urgent care co-pay so as to encourage patients to choose South Bay Urgent Care.  Patients without insurance are charged a very modest fee when payment is made at the time of service.

What About the Quality of Care?

South Bay Urgent Care was created by two board certified physicians with the goal of making quality healthcare more convenient and accessible to the residents of their community. South Bay Urgent Care has a highly trained medical team. The state-of -the –art equipment and facility are routinely commended for its quality. In addition, South Bay Urgent Care ensures all providers are current and up to date with any special credentialing or training requirements. You can expect the kind of personal experience that you would get with a primary care doctor (PCP). You will receive high quality compassionate care from someone you can trust.

What Type of Medical Treatment Do You Provide?

 When you have a non-life-threatening ailment, there’s no need to spend hours in the emergency room. If you can’t get an immediate appointment with your primary care provider, there’s no need to wait.  South Bay Urgent Care offers the essential health care services you need, with minimal wait times. Plus, we also offer evening and weekend availability, so you can expect to be seen and sent home with a treatment plan sooner than you ever thought possible. We specialize in fast and effective care for most non-life threatening conditions, as well as preventative care, travel medicine, and DOT physicals and employer services. 

How Can I Get My Prescription Filled?


We offer a variety of services to make your time with us even more convenient. One such service is our onsite electric prescription writing. We can electronically process many prescriptions which our physicians write directly to your preferred pharmacy, allowing you to get relief as soon as possible.  Soon after your visit, you’ll be able to pick your prescription up quickly, from your pharmacy of choice,  to find the relief you need as soon as possible.  South Bay Urgent Care also offers “convenience dispensing” of many medications on site, so there is no need for a second visit to a pharmacy. You can leave with your needed medications in hand, dispensed from our clinic, at a much discounted rate.  Low cost and convenient! 

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